6 Tips to protect your back while gardening, performing yard work and cleaning your home!

6 Tips to protect your back while gardening, performing yard work and cleaning your home!

Finally, the weather is nice! We thought we would never get here. Now is the time that most of us start doing some spring cleaning, gardening and more yard work to get our homes ready for more outdoor activities. However, now is also the time that a lot of people will over do it and may injure themselves.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid injury:

1. Plan your activity and schedule in rest breaks.

Make sure that you are not bent over for a prolonged period of time. Set aside breaks every 15-20 minutes where you can stand up, walk around and stretch. No one’s body likes being in one position for too long.

2. Brace your core!

If you are bending over, lifting or performing a repetitive motion such as vacuuming or raking, always make sure that you are engaging your core muscles to protect your back. Make sure you bend from your knees when lifting!

3. Get help if something is too heavy.

Everyone has made this mistake-“Oh, it is just one time.” But that can lead you down a cascade leading to injury. If someone is around, ask for their help-quick and easy!

4. Make smaller piles rather than one big pile.

Whether it is leaves or clothes, the heavier the pile the more your back muscles have to stabilize which can lead to fatigue and overuse which can lead to injury!

5. Don’t do everything in one day!
Everyone wants to just get it all done but that can leave them in pain for days or weeks leaving them unable to actually enjoy their accomplishments in their yard.

6. Stay active!

Continue your regular work out routine whether it is hitting the gym, going for a walk or run, or your favorite work out class.

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