Physical Therapist Owned and Operated

The Center for Physical Therapy was opened by Dr. Tourage Rafeei in 2000 after a back injury inspired him to go after physical therapy as a career. After learning his back injury would need spinal fusion surgery, Dr. Rafeei asked for a second opinion and was referred to a physical therapy program that successfully treated his injury without surgery. Years later, Dr. Rafeei opened the Center for Physical Therapy with the goal of providing personal, one-on-one therapy in a private practice setting.

Established Richmond, VA Physical Therapy Practice

The Center of Physical Therapy has been providing Richmond, Virginia with orthopedic based physical therapy and sports medicine care for sixteen years with two locations convenient locations, one in the West End and one on the Southside. All of our therapists are licensed and Direct Access certified. In addition, all therapists are either working towards becoming an Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) or are already a board certified OCS. Our physical therapists strive to ensure all patients experience care that is beneficial and rewarding both physically and emotionally.

Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine locations are independently owned and operated.

98% of our patients rate the level of care an 8/10 or higher.

 98% of our patients are so satisfied in their treatment that they would recommend our facility to their physicians or family and friends.