Hear what our patients are saying about our physical therapy services and therapists!

Great group of talented techs. Dr. Rafeei employs very motivated and qualified techs – Future DPTs


Thank you for helping me walk and get back to my life. Knowledgeable explanations were very beneficial. Thank you all.

John M.

I worked with Janie Schneider at the West End location for about five months after moving from DC to Richmond.

I came in to get help with some chronic neck pain I’d been experiencing since April of 2020. Janie and the entire staff at the Center proved to be very knowledgeable, personable, and attentive. The staff pushed me to maintain impeccable form for every work out, and encouraged me as they pushed me to test my limits en route to full recovery.

During my first visit, I told Janie that I had a lot of skepticism about physical therapy because she was the third therapist I had seen in the past year (along with chiropractors and massesuses), and I hadn’t seen consistent improvement. She listened, and proceeded to set me up with a plan that made my pain more manageable and helped me to know exactly how I could take care of myself if pain did re-emerge.

Janie also was extremely responsive and helped me to keep a level head when I had some severe back spasms; she referred me to a walk-in orthopedic clinic to ensure that I got all of the help that I needed. I recommend the Center for Physical Therapy to anyone looking to recover from chronic pain or injuries.

Michell C.

Janie helped me transition from tight and miserable to strong and flexible. Everyone in the facility is helpful, engaged and knowledgeable. Great experience!

Paula C.

Dr. Rafeei has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and shares it in such a loving and practical way that helps patients feel at ease. Very pleasant experience.

Lisa C.

Thank you all for much needed therapy.

Ed I.

Great experience, knowledgeable and caring. Everyone was super!

David M.

Exceptional patient care from the time you enter the facility until you leave.  A marked improvment in my mobility.

Carol G.

In addition to the expertise and skill of Dr. Rafeei, I was impressed and moved by the spirit and kindness of the staff and therapy technicians. I loved glimpsing the good natured care that everyone received who walked into the facility.

C. K.

My physical therapy is always a pleasant experience. I feel that I am in competent hands.

Shirley K.
If you like to receive personalized treatment you should choose this place. All staffs and therapists treat you with respect and you provide you excellent care. Unlike other chain therapy centers, you are their patient here and not the visit. This place is great for post op rehab as well as chronic pain. I have been here twice for post knee sugriers and once for overall weakness and I have gained valuable independent after being discharged.
Thank you to Dr. Rafei and his staff.
Sadat J.

Thank you for the amazing personalized care. You treat your patients like family.

Kristy A.

Everyone here is wonderful. I couldn’t walk when I first came in due to a motorcycle accident. Now I’m walking without assistance and gaining strength. Everyone that works here is kind and patient. Along with 2 weekly visits they gave me a good home exercise regiment the was crucial in my recovery. I highly recommend anyone needing PT to recover here.

Seth P.

The staff was so amazing and warm every visit. I really felt part of the team.

Connie L.

Dr. Rafeei’s expertise has taken care of the pain in my shoulder. Everyone at this facility is very friendly and it was a pleasure coming here for P.T.

Mary W.

Great, caring, empathetic therapy – Dr. Rafeei – highly recommend.

Debbie W.

Thank you. I feel extremely prepared and ready to play.


This the best PT facility in the Richmond area!

J. M.

I received good and highly educated help for my problems.

Judy R.

I was so impressed by the professionalism and concern shown by Dr. Rafeei and all of the staff. I felt very confident that I was in good hands.

Stephen L.

The entire staff at the Center for Physical Therapy is professional, empathetic, caring and highly focused on their patients’ needs. I highly recommend them.

Barbara C.

Very pleasant and professional staff. Great advice and guidance.

J. H.

Excellent and knowledgeable team. Great care.

Andy L.

Your facility is very user friendly and supportive. Difficult to find any changes.

Don P.

I came here in a lot of pain. I feel 100% pain free and I enjoyed the therapy. Thank you very much!

B. Tyler

Superb care that helped resolve debilitating neck problems. Best P.T. in Richmond

Brian J.

Third time here. As usual, exceeded my expectations.

D. D.

The professionalism plus friendly and caring environment is without parallel. I have and will continue to recommend the Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

Beverley D.

The  Best Facility in the City!

Grant W.

Over the years I have been to many physical therapy places and none can compare to this place. The staff is friendly and courteous. They show a genuine interest in each patient and are there to make sure you do the exercises correctly. The facility is well maintained and has up to date equipment. Janie, my therapist, listens carefully to you and designs a program suited for your individual needs. They have helped me immeasurably.

Carol M.

I would like to thank Richard Linkonis, DPT, and OCS of the Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, for the excellent therapy that I received with my back issues. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable with all the different exercises for the different parts of the body to help you recover from your injury.
Richard, I wish you and your team the best of luck in the future and keep up the great work.

D. G.

The people at the Center for Physical Therapy are wonderful! They adjust to your pain level and increase resistance training as your body strengthens. These folks treat you like a friend who truly cares about your well being. I highly recommend the Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

D. H.

Janie was awesome. Very thorough and caring.

F. A.

Dr. Rafeei and his staff take a very slow, conservative approach to rebuild body strength and it works!

R. R.

Everything was excellent. All of the staff are caring individuals. Everything was a positive experience. I would highly recommend the facility to everyone who needs PT.

Deborah A.

John took the time to ask great questions about my problem area. He was very knowledgeable and explained to my why I had discomfort and how to resolve it. I would highly recommend to anyone!

R. S.

These guys are great. We had fun while taking care of my injuries. If ever I need physical therapy again, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. These guys are wonderful.

Ryan W.

You are awesome! Thank you so much. I’ve had such a great time.

Jessica W.

I recommend this therapy facility to everyone. I am totally satisfied with my experience here.

Joan E.

I would recommend the Center for Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine to anyone. The atmosphere, associates, knowledge and the care for the patient are fantastic.

Steve P.

Great staff, Dr. Rafeei was excellent! I never imagined that physical therapy could be this pleasant.

Nadia H.

Without Jon’s help I would not have the range of motion I currently have. Excellent Physical Therapist. Appreciate the help!


Great teamwork and I appreciated the flexibility with switching exercises when necessary. My exercises remained challenging and beneficial.

Allison B.

I was very impressed with the personal care and concern the entire staff had for me. The support and encouragement was vital in my progress. They are the BEST!

Charles L.

It’s great to be able to enjoy my appointment with the physical therapist. I learned so much about fixing my injury and everyone was so caring and helpful. Thank you!

Hannah H.

Many thanks for restoring my comfort level and quality of life! I am doing better now than before this problem started. Thank you for the detailed, personal care. You are making a difference!!

Susan J.

This was the best physical therapy experience I have had since I hurt my back 19 years ago. The therapist knew how to treat my injuries and the support staff made me feel like family. Thanks for helping me get back on my feet.

Tal W.

After my therapy my condition improved to the extent that I am now back to most of my previous activities. Dr. Rafeei predicted what I should be able to accomplish and he was correct.

Donald D.

Rich and the whole staff are professional, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. They are certainly assets to your profession and company. Richard Linkonis is a remarkable young man. I would come in hurting, he would take time to comfort and ease my anxiety, and I saw him do this with a lot of patients. As far as I’m concerned, “he’s the Man!” He has compassion, which is unusual as a lot of patients today get run through assembly line.

Tami S.

Excellent Therapistsl They are knowledgeable and personable. I would highly recommend.

Robert S.

Thank you so much for your patience and skill! Everyone is very pleasant and encouraging! I am thrilled to be graduating! Back in the game!

Diane H.

Total experience was excellent! I am leaving feeling GREAT! Thank you!

L. S.

This is the best physical therapy facility I have ever been to! Dr. Rafeei is fantastic and has really helped me alot!!

K. W.

Arianne and Rich were very attentive and professional. Both were very focused on my rehabilitation. Excellent experience!

Mark L.

Excellent evaluation of the problem and cause – many answers and solutions/therapy offered.

Emily S.

My therapist and all crew in this facility are very professiona and skilled. They know their job well and have a very professional etiquette.

Hussein Z.

I loved coming in here!

Bo. Y.

I appreciate the staff here. All were very professional and down to earth. The you to Rich, Arianne, Jacob and Jordan.

Rene R.

Great staff all around.

Mark T.

Great care. Excellent professinalism. Would recommend to all.

Mark W.

I’m very happy with the work we’ve done in the past months. I was afraid I wouldn’t get better, but now I feel stronger than before.

V. C.

Rich and the therapists gave me excellent care. I’ve had injuries and pain for almont 20 years. They have worked with me to gain strength and mobility and gave me exercises to use at home. I feel so much better! I recommend Rich and all of the therapists who work here. Thank you!

J. J.

I had a great experience at this facility. Every exercise helped improve every problem or complaint that I brought to the attention of the therapist. The staff is Awesome.

Ben L.

Everyone’s disposition was always encouraging. This group moves like family and I like that.

Cheryl A.

The staff and Richard were very helpgul and very professional. Would definitely recommend.

Catherine J.

Very Professional. I would recommend to family and friends.

Ben A.

Dr. Rafeei is very detail oriented and goes above and beyond in caring for his patients.

Padmarani C