How to stay active while staying at home

How to stay active while staying at home

This time is all very new and scary for all of us. Since most people are working from home and gyms are closed, everyone is having a hard time finding the best ways to stay active and safe.  We want to give you some indoor and outdoor activities and exercises during this time.

  • If you are working from home
    • Get up and walk around your house every 1 hour for 5-10 minutes
    • Create a stand up desk area at your kitchen counter
      • Use cookbooks and other items to prop your laptop up for proper eye height
    • Set a timer every 30 minutes to address your posture
    • Perform seated calf raises under your desk to keep blood flowing in your legs
    • Drink lots of water
  • Exercising indoors
    • There are a lot of free work out videos online right now
      • We will be posting some home exercises on Facebook and Instragram¬†
    • If you have stairs and no knee/hip pain, walk up and down the stairs for 5-10 minutes at a time
    • Find 3-4 exercises that you enjoy doing and perform those for 15-20 minutes for a quick circuit work out
  • Exercising outdoors
    • Walk, bike or run for up to 30 minutes, 5x/week
    • Gardening or yard work

These are stressful times so find activities that you enjoy and make you feel happy.

Find a virtual buddy to motivate you to do some exercises every day.

We look forward to helping everyone again soon! Stay healthy!