Whether you are recovering from surgery or suffering from a sports or work-related injury, physical therapy focuses on treating or rehabilitating your musculoskeletal system to improve daily functioning and activity. Physical therapy can also help decrease pain and increase flexibility, mobility and strength so you can return to recreational activities and sports.

Our trained physical therapists take a evidence based approach to therapy and create individualized treatment plans to meet the goals of each patient. Your therapist will use hands-on techniques in combination with specific therapeutic exercises  to allow proper healing of injured tissues. Musculoskeletal restrictions or dysfunctions will also be corrected with manual therapy and therapeutic exercises.

It is important to contact a physical therapist early on to avoid chronic conditions, which can be the result of injured tissues healing incorrectly.

We are an orthopedic-based clinic focusing primarily on orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries, acute and chronic conditions of the spine and extremities as well as post-operative rehabilitation of the spine and extremities. For more information, view our Services page.

When you call to set up your first appointment, we try to gather as much information as possible over the phone in order to decrease your time spent in the waiting area. We also provide all of our necessary forms online so you can come with them completed. Upon arriving at the Center for Physical Therapy, you will be greeted by our patient care staff who will provide you with information about physical therapy and how it can be covered through insurance. Your first visit will be a one-on-one thorough interview with a physical therapist to discuss your medical history and the current injury or source of pain. Your physical therapist will also evaluate your injury or condition using specific, diagnostic assessments. From there, your physical therapist will create a treatment program and discuss it with you, as well as providing written information about the treatment and care. The first visit usually lasts about an hour with additional time for paperwork if needed.

As a smaller, local clinic in Richmond, we are focused on each patient’s particular medical needs and journey to an active, pain-free life.  Our patient centered care involves continual evaluations and re-evaluations of your condition and constant communication with you to ensure your physical therapy goals are being met.

In the state of Virginia, most insurances allow patients to be seen without a prescription to physical therapy for an indefinite time depending on insurance authorization requirements. Medicare and Medicaid patients do need a prescription to physical therapy.

You will see the same physical therapist every session. They will come up with the plan of care including your education, manual therapy and exercises. Physical therapy technicians may assist the physical therapist during your treatment administering exercise programs to help you reach your treatment goals.

Most appointments are about 45 minutes to one hour long. Your initial evaluation will be about one hour or slightly longer and at that point your therapist will let you know what to expect from your treatments. Please arrive 30 minutes early for your initial evaluation.

It depends on the nature of your injury; however, we suggest you dress comfortably. You are welcome to bring a change of clothing if necessary to allow access to the area that needs to be treated. Shorts are great for knee, ankle or foot conditions. Women could wear a sports bra for neck or shoulder conditions. We also provide medical gowns to allow exposure to the neck or low back (for better inspection).

You should bring your insurance card/information, a picture ID and the results of any other tests (including X-rays, MRI, etc.).

No, patients are responsible for scheduling each follow up appointment.